About Us

At 1MMC, we are more than just a social-democratic political platform; We are the embodiment of active citizenship, advocating for positive transformation, supporting the vulnerable, and holding those in power accountable.

Founded in August 2023 by the visionary mind of Magnifiquedude, also known as Big Mag. He brought to life by the collaborative efforts of passionate individuals, 1MMC stands as a beacon of hope and progress within Nigeria’s political landscape.

Our Genesis

The genesis of 1MMC traces back to the OBIdient Movement, a collective of individuals who were determined to redefine the norms of governance in Nigeria. With a resolute belief in the power of unity and the potential of young, vibrant minds, the movement took shape under the leadership of Magnifiquedude. It was during this pivotal moment that the seeds of 1MMC were sown, with a commitment to bringing about meaningful change and promoting the principles of good governance.

Our Team

1MMC is more than just an idea; it’s a dedicated team of change-makers who have rallied together to make a lasting impact. Anchored by the unwavering dedication of Weyimi Lube, a young and passionate advocate, and supported by a dynamic group including Ankadede, Lameen, Ngozi, Nelo, Odo Akaji, Kandake, Tony, Well-Meaning Nigerian, and UC Maxwell, we’ve formed a united front to drive our vision forward.

Our Mission and Vision

Mission: At 1MMC, our mission is crystal clear — we strive to empower well-meaning Nigerians to become actively engaged in the political process, making informed decisions that shape the future of our nation. Through education, advocacy, and awareness, we seek to equip every citizen with the tools they need to participate meaningfully in the democratic process.

Vision: Our vision extends beyond borders. We envision a Nigeria and an entire African continent where accountability is not a luxury but a norm. We stand as vigilant watchdogs, ensuring those in political office remain committed to their responsibilities and are held answerable for their actions. We aspire to foster a culture of responsible governance that benefits every citizen.

Our Impact

Since our inception, 1MMC has already made significant strides toward our goals. We lead an impactful crowdfunding campaign to raise awareness about the 2023 Nigerian General Elections, resulting in a surge of first-time voter registrations. We pioneered the Million Marches, uniting voices across the nation and the globe to advocate for change. But this is just the beginning. Our Twitter spaces have become synonymous with constructive discourse, and in the coming years, we aim to touch the lives of families across every corner of Nigeria’s six geopolitical zones.

Join us on this remarkable journey of change, progress, and accountability. Together, we can shape a brighter tomorrow for Nigeria and beyond.

Connect with Us

Engage with 1MMC on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to stay informed about our initiatives, campaigns, and events. Be part of the movement! Because your voice matters!